Thursday, January 3, 2008

Find your design inspiration


A favorite color, treasured art object or even a memento from a great vacation - any of these items can be the starting point for great design in your home. Find your design inspiration and use it to decorate in a way that speaks to your personal style.

Know Yourself
Take a tour of your own home. Do you notice you repeat a certain color in a variety of ways? Do objects, throw pillows, rugs or artwork seem to feature the same color family or design theme? Does a personal collection share the stage with your other d├ęcor? If so, you may have a more defined style than you realize. Sometimes when you live with something for awhile, you overlook its meaning. Try to step into your home with fresh eyes and rediscover what speaks to you from a design standpoint. Use that as your inspiration for the rest of your home.

Look Around
Next, observe the world around you. Are you drawn to particular objects in nature? Are there certain colors that evoke strong emotion? You might be inspired by what you experienced during a trip to a tropical paradise or you may want to capture the feel of a cozy ski lodge. From the natural world, memories of a great vacation or even a recent stop at the mall, any time you step out of your home, look to the items that catch your eye.

Find a Focal Point
A focal point creates visual interest and is often the first thing that draws your eye into a space. As you walk through your rooms, identify key focal points throughout your home. Is it a favorite piece of artwork, a distinguished architectural feature, a mirror or other collectible?

Theme - Styling
The possibilities are endless and should be as colorful and creative as your personality. Consider what hobbies, dreams, locations, experiences, collections or design elements could be used as themes in your home and begin to experiment.

Pull it all Together
A Design Professional can complete your design vision and recommend the best products and materials for your decorating or remodeling projects. A good Designer will not impose her style and tastes on you, but will apply her design expertise to your lifestyle. After all, your home should feel uniquely your own. Look for design inspiration in the world around you and learn to express your personal style.

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